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Podcast Review – Very Pink Podcast

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Reviews

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Release Frequency: Once a week, Typically Thursdays

Length of Podcast: 20 minutes Average

Ads: 1 ad or less during podcast

Content Type: Primarily mail bag questions, with some discussion on current work-in-progress projects

Safe for Work / Kids: Yes, this podcast is family friendly

Very Pink Podcast Overview

From the Podcast Description:

VeryPink Knits, the companion podcast to the VeryPink Knits YouTube channel, focused on answering your knitting questions. With Staci Perry and Casey Bernard.

–  Stitcher

Audio Quality

The audio quality on the Very Pink Podcast is fantastic. There is no static, echo, or low volume issue. Each episode is the professional quality you would expect from Very Pink. Even when Staci and Casey are recording in two places (meaning they aren’t in the same room), you would never know, except when they tell you.

Periodically, Casey will do a field interview. The audio quality of the interviews is not as good as the regular show. But, it is still easy to listen to and intelligible.


Q & A’s

This show is centered around questions sent in from listeners. Typically the show starts out with a sponsor.

While I love this show, there is a lot of repetition of questions. There are probably 10 or more episodes where Staci answers a question about itchy wool. You probably won’t notice if you listen once a week, but it can be annoying if you are listening to old episodes back to back.

Questions are also read unfiltered, and in order of when they were sent in. If you are hoping to have your question answered in a timely manner, seek answers somewhere else. I submitted a question 6 weeks ago, and it still hasn’t come up on the show.


Periodically, Casey will do a field interview. The interviews are my favorite part of the show. Unlike other shows, most of the interviews are with “non-knitters”. They’ve interviewed a photographer on how to photograph your knits better, an alpaca farmer, bug expert on storing knits, and more. The interviews are a great highlight to the show.


I would say that 20% of this show is chatty. Which may or may not be a positive for you. Staci and Casey will get off topic from time to time, talking about puppies and meal kits and how to correctly pronounce readers’ names. I don’t mind the chat, and it is easy to feel like you are listening to friends. The only time I get frustrated with the chatting, is when it takes away from the content and questions.

Show Notes

The show notes for this podcast are sparse. For most shows the show notes are links only, which can make it difficult to find specific episodes that you have listened to in the past. I prefer show notes to have at least bullet points about what was discussed, including the unplanned content.


I wish this show was longer! Just 10 minutes would make it better. I often feel like I just started the episode, and they Staci says, “well, it’s about time to wrap up.” This is especially true of the interview episodes, where there is only time for one question.

Would I Recommend this Show: YES.


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